Mexicans head to the polls on Sunday to choose their next president.

If the pre-election surveys are correct, their next president will be Claudia Sheinbaum — who would make history as Mexico’s first woman and first Jewish president.

Sheinbaum is the descendent of Lithuanian and Bulgarian grandparents who immigrated to Mexico in the early 20th century.

A leftist politician, Sheinbaum would come to office with a rich record as mayor of Mexico City and secretary of the environment. Climate change has long been a priority for Sheinbaum, who has a Ph.D in energy engineering.

If Sheinbaum wins on Sunday, the elephant in the room would be the outgoing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador — also known as AMLO.

AMLO is a charismatic, populist leftist who leads the Morena Party. His approval rating is just under 70 percent.

So the big question in Mexico is not quite whether Sheinbaum will win, but whether she’ll able to set her own agenda or will AMLO remain the power behind the throne.

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