Former Pres. Donald Trump was convicted on Thursday on all 34 felony charges by a New York jury in his hush money trial. Trump has made history. He’s the first former U.S. president to be convicted on criminal charges. The verdict does not impact his eligibility to run for president.

How will voters respond to the conviction? Sixty-seven of those polled by Marist said a guilty verdict wouldn’t impact their vote. Roughly equal numbers said the decision would either increase or decrease their willingness to vote for Trump.

Speaking to reporters outside the courtside, a visibly angry Trump described the trial as “rigged” and a disgrace. He alleged that the verdict was produced by a district attorney he claimed was backed by billionaire George Soros.

Trump said the “real verdict” will be delivered “on November 5th by the people.” He concluded his remarks by describing the United States as “a nation in decline” with “millions of people pouring into” it from “mental institutions.”

The former president’s sentencing date is scheduled for July 11.

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