South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott will endorse Republican frontrunner former Pres. Donald Trump this evening, The New York Times and other news outlets report.

The move is a setback for Scott’s fellow South Carolinian, former Gov. Nikki Haley, who is banking on consecutive wins in New Hampshire on Tuesday and her home state on February 24.

The latest poll in New Hampshire shows Trump widening his lead to 17 points ahead of Haley, who had been rising due to support from independents, who can vote in the state Republican primary.

New Hampshire is Haley’s best bet to stay afloat and close the gap in South Carolina, where Trump presently maintains a massive 30-point lead over her.

The Scott endorsement is key for Trump not only because it impedes Haley’s momentum, but also because of its timing. The former president is in a rush to seal the Republican nomination before Super Tuesday on March 5.


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz endorsed Trump on Tuesday after his Iowa caucus win.

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