Former Pres. Donald Trump emerged victorious in Tuesday’s New Hampshire Republican primary, defeating former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, the Associated Press has projected.

With 15 percent of the vote in, Trump leads Haley by a margin of over 7 percentage points. But CNN exit polls show the Republican frontrunner with a commanding share of registered Republican voters. Nearly three-quarters of registered Republicans say they voted for Trump, according to a CNN exit poll, while 66 percent of registered undeclared voters — a smaller segment of total voters — say they chose Haley.

New Hampshire allows registered undeclared voters to take part in one of the two party primaries.

South Carolina is next on the primary schedule. It’s Haley’s home state, but it’s also Trump country. The Republican frontrunner holds a 30-point lead according to the latest independent poll, conducted in early January. (More recent polls by Trump’s super PAC claim a much larger lead.)

Haley conceded the race to Trump at 8:22 PM Eastern, but pledged to remain in the race, saying, “Today, we got close to half of the vote.”


In her concession speech, she warned Republicans: “A Trump nomination is a Biden win and Kamala Harris presidency.” Trump, she said, was a candidate of “chaos” plagued with legal troubles and once again suggested the 77-year-old is suffering from cognitive decline.

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