Jori Breslawski

Jori Breslawski is a doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland.

Former Taliban fighters line up to hand over weapons to the Afghan government during a reintegration ceremony in the Ghor province on May 28, 2012. (Image Credit: U.S. Department of Defense/Lt. Joe Painter)

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro are a toxic mix of tight quarters, few if any health services and little clean water for residents to wash their hands. In these conditions ripe for the spread of the coronavirus, the Brazilian national government has yet to impose a curfew – but the criminal gangs who rule the favelas have. Gang members have been driving around their communities announcing to residents: “We’re imposing a curfew because nobody is taking this seriously. Whoever is in the street screwing around or going for a walk will receive a corrective and serve as an example.”…

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