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The Pivot is a global affairs podcast by Globely News that discusses the leaders, states, networks, ideologies, and technologies that are reshaping the world order.

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Episode 1 — The Rise of White Nationalism and Transnational Islamophobia

Episode Description: Shared animosity toward Muslims has produced a transnational alliance of convenience between white nationalists, Hindutva extremists, and hardline supporters of Israel.


Episode 2 — Can Imran Khan Build a ‘New Pakistan’?

Episode Description: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has pledged to build a “New Pakistan.” In a time of austerity, he must somehow fuel economic growth and human development, with meager resources. Is he up to the task?


  • Mosharraf Zaidi, Columnist, The News
  • Salman Masood, Pakistan Correspondent, The New York Times

Episode 3 — Narendra Modi’s Dark Vision of a New India

Episode Description: As India’s election results are set to be announced, we take a deep dive into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a “New India” and the danger it poses to Muslims and other minorities, free speech, and academic inquiry in India.